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Ofelia Audry


Ofelia Audry: Mexican Culinary Arts


The Profra. Audry is the author of 15 textbooks and annually offers a large number of conferences, seminars and courses to government and private educational institutions, multinational corporations, NGOs and professionals of various kinds, embassies and hotels, as well as radio and television programs.

Has given over 400 seminars and courses in Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and the U.S.. Presentation of work at the Club de Industriales de Mexico, Embassy of Mexico in Austria, the International Summit of Former Presidents, Queretaro 1993, Embassy of Japan in Mexico, Fundación Herdez, corporations, AT & T, Roche Laboratories, Nestlé, National Security Nuclear Safeguards (CNSNS), Astronomical Society of Mexico A. C., Canadian Embassy in Mexico, among others.


Winner of the Gold Medal "Friends of Escofier" of France, 1995.

Bronze Medal in the "Dimensional Illustrator Annual Awards Show, organized in Pennsylvania, United States, butter sculpture, 1995 and 1996.

Two Gold Medals at the Culinary Olympics Berlin butter sculptures, chocolate and fruit (first Mexican to 100 years to obtain this medal), 1996.

Special recognition from the National Chamber of Industry and Seasoned Foods Restaurants (CANIRAC), as a worthy representative of Mexican cuisine, 1997.

Chef Honnoris Cause by the Vatel Club de Mexico, A. C. - Club de Industriales Mexico, 1997.

Gold Medal for work in chocolate (Sinbad) in the contest Culinary Philanthropic Society of New York, 1998.

Gold medal for work of chocolate (Don Quixote) in the contest Culinary Philanthropic Society of New York, 1999.

Silver Medal at the Culinary Olympics in Germany with a chocolate sculpture, 2000.

Gourmet medal in the mega event in Cordoba, Argentina 2000.

Gold Lobster Culinary contest 2000 in Varadero, Cuba, March 2000.

Appointment as "Chef of the Millennium" in Peru Lima Chefs Association of Peru with the participation of 26 countries, 2001.

Gold medal with the work of chocolate in the event Gastronomic Austria 2002.

Medal and recognition for their participation in the Historic Center Festival 2003.

Recognition of A.C. FFNCMPNM to be worthy representative of Mexican women.

Special Award for The Société Culinaire Philanthropique of New York 2008

Award first gold medal and diploma The Société Culinaire Philanthropique of New York 2010


Audry, Ofelia, Recreation Culinary Workshop, Anthology and Prologue, Mexico, the Cloister of Sor Juana, 1994.

Audry, Ofelia, the Mesa Arts Series, decorated with fruit, vegetables and table, Mexico, Trillas, 1997.

Work Experience and Career Development

- Two years working as a journalist in the Official Publication of the National Association of Journalists, A. C.

- Chat orientation and charge for two years of School Services at the Swiss College of Mexico, Nicolas San Juan 917, Col. del Valle.

- Technical advice on "Visual Arts Workshops" Friedrich Schiller's German School, since 1978, Calderón de la Barca 210, Polanco. Horizons Education Center currently Friederich Schiller, lemon 25, San Mateo.

- Technical advice on the care of the ISSSTE.

- Ten years of collaboration as an active member in the Association of Puppeteers of Mexico.

- Conference on "Education of the sensitivity of the Child" in the Normal School Educators, Toluca, Estado de Mexico.

- Exponent in meetings, conferences and round tables of preschool education in various states of Mexico, during the update of the educators and human development.

- Tour work with the exposure of preschool education seminars in Lima, Peru.

-Member of the Mexican Society of Food and Wine.

- Art Specialist Mukimono (vegetable and fruit size) internationally recognized (Ohio, New York and Central America). Mukimono Art courses in several states in Mexico and abroad (embassies, hotels, restaurants, etc.).

- Master of the Universidad Iberoamericana Chef's Diploma, teaching the course "Art Mukimono."

- Courses taught at the Universidad Anahuac del Sur and Chef Diploma, also of "Art Mukimono."

- Professor and researcher at the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, teaching the "Culinary Recreation Workshop."

- More than twenty television programs. Newspaper reports, together with several magazines and radio programs.

- Exhibition at the CIVEC, Veracruz and Siqueiros Poliforum in collaboration with the Japan Cultural Foundation.

- Illustrator and coauthor of the series The Wonderful Lamp, games and activities for the development of the child, Mexico, Trillas, 1997.

- Course on technique and learning the lessons taught at the University of South Campus San Angel.

Mukimono-Art Course taught at the Embassy of Mexico, Vienna, Austria, September 1999.

"Courses" Defense of the Soul "to various companies and institutions to overcome self-esteem of its members, and better work performance.


- Preschool Teacher Education degree with honors in 1969 (first generation), graduated from the National School for kindergarten teachers.

- Course "New School" of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy given by Dr. Gaston Mialaret, 1969.

- Sponsored by the National School of Educating for the course of "Educational Film Production" in the Latin American Institute for Educational Communication (ILCE), production of documentaries, recordings, transparencies and slides educational in 1971.

- Diploma awarded by the CECALAB of "Cuisine Moderne", by the chef Jaques Bergerault, 1988.

- Courses with master carving and sculpture Ora Anakanenda with Professor Roberto Alfaro, School of Art in San Carlos, 1988-90.

- Actual minds took the course guide and exhibiting the heritage of Mexico in the House of Humanities, UNAM and the Diploma of gastronomic history of Mexico.